It’s Like a Family Here

Baby Rebeka Photo

Rebeka’s Mom Donated Part of Her Liver to Save Her Daughter’s Life

Rebeka has Biliary Artesia, a rare and life threatening disease of the liver. When she was 7 months old, Rebeka, her parents left home in Jamaica to receive medical treatment in Wilmington, Delaware.

When her family arrived, Rebeka was hospitalized for months while waiting for a liver transplant. During her hospital stay, her parents found out that her mom, Traceyann, was able to donate 20% of her liver to save her child’s life.

Traceyann had surgery to donate the portion of her liver to her daughter during their stay, and both mom and daughter recovered from their surgeries successfully.

The Brady family has been staying at the Ronald McDonald House of Delaware for 7 months.  Traceyann shared that the house is  helpful and convenient because it is so close to the hospital.  Also, she shared that the volunteer groups always provide great meals.

“It’s Like a Family Here”

Another one of the things Traceyann loves about the house is the support from staff members and other family members staying here. “When I was stressed I would go and talk to Megan [the House Social Worker]. Megan is like a sister, a mother, and a friend to me. It’s like a family here.”

Traceyann has big plans for the future. Once she returns to Jamaica she hopes to start an organization to raise awareness and funds to help other children who are also suffering from Biliary Artesia.

Rebeka is now a year old and is ALWAYS smiling. Everyone at the House will miss her big brown eyes and contagious smile when she goes home to Jamaica!

Rebeka, Mom, and Dad Photo

Rebeka (looking like a princess!) with Mom and Dad