Nicholas, a Hero

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Published: Oct 13, 2017

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Nicholas and his mom Christine
“On November 31, 2016, my son Nicholas had his 3rd surgery to remove a tumor that had grown back. The neurosurgeon told me he may never walk again.

I will never forget the day I checked into the Ronald McDonald House. I was alone, worried, scared, sad, and still trying to process what the doctors had just told me.

I walked into the Ronald McDonald House and was greeted by the friendliest volunteers. I immediately felt I wasn’t alone. I appreciated a quiet bed that I could sleep in to get enough rest to take of Nicholas the next day.

After Nicholas was discharged, he went into the Comprehensive Outpatient Rehab Program and started another year of Chemotherapy. We both lived at the Ronald McDonald House, going home most weekends.

There is absolutely no way I would have made it through the last 10 months without [the House]. The other families we were able to meet are now some of my best friends….Very quickly, I felt like I had friends and support.

Because of the Ronald McDonald House, I was able to be with Nicholas 24/7 and because of this he has made a great recovery and he is now walking with a walker or arm crutches. I would have never been able to keep him in the rehab program as long as I did if it wasn’t for the House. ” -Nicholas’ Mom, Christine.

Christine and Nicholas checked out of the House in August and went home! They have been back for appointments and we are always happy to see their smiles.


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