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Published: Jul 11, 2016

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Nine year-old Amaury has been on a long journey that led him to the Ronald McDonald House of Delaware. About a year ago he had a kidney transplant that his body ended up rejecting. His original treatment was at a hospital close to his home in Florida. When his body was rejecting the transplanted kidney Amaury was referred to Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children in February of 2016 for life saving treatments. The medical team at Nemours has been able to provide treatment that is quicker and more effective than most others. As a result, Amaury’s transplanted kidney is now able to function. However, Amaury needs to remain close to the Hospital as this current treatment plan needs to continue indefinitely.

With the current treatment plan in place Amaury is able to go to school. Amaury and his mom, Ada, visited three local schools and Saint Mary Magdalen School was their favorite. It has been really good for Amaury to be able to make friends and socialize with children his own age daily, as there are not always children his age to hang out with at the House. Some of Amaury’s friends from school have even been able to come to the House to visit him and his mom.

Amaury is well versed in all of the amenities and activities that the House has to offer, and shared that his favorite places are the teen room, romper room, and movie room. He also told me, “I appreciate when they (RMHDE) give us dinner and transportation” and he enjoys visiting with staff members. Mom’s favorite things about the House are the location, a nice blend of city and country feel, the people they meet here and the supportive environment. When I asked Mom how staying at the House has impacted Amaury’s medical journey she said, “Everything…it has given me less stress, more freedom, the support here is great, we could talk to all of you about anything.” Although Amaury and his mom do not have any family members in the area, they have formed a lot of new friendships with the other families that stay here. They told me, “It’s like our own community, our own neighbors are here.” They try to share their experiences with the other families at the House and always offer people rides to get out of the House and relieve stress.

Amaury’s treatment has been going very well and the family has decided that they need to relocate to be closer to Nemours so that he can continue receiving the treatment for his transplanted kidney. Amaury and Mom were able to go home to Florida recently for a short visit to celebrate with their family as one of Amaury’s older brothers graduated from High School.


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